Optimization and

Operations Research


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Starting Points for Selected Topics:

·        Linear Programming: FAQ by Optimization Technology Center of Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory

·        Non-Linear Programming:

·        Integer Programming: a tutorial by The Operations Research Faculty of GSIA

·        Stochastic Programming: a tutorial by A. Shapiro and A. Philpott

·        Global optimization:

·        Combinatorial Optimization:

·        Game Theory:

·        Sequencing and Scheduling: first list of topics

·        Queuing Theory: a basic tutorial by Tom Slater

·        Stochastic Scheduling: page by Richard Weber

·        Supply Chain Management: an introduction by Ram Ganeshan and Terry P. Harrison

·        Mathematical Modeling:

·        Mathematical Finance:


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5. Find the right “tool” …

Online Resources:         

·        Optimization Online Links

·        Operations Research Models and Methods Internet  by Paul A. Jensen

·       Benchmarks for Optimization Software, by Hans Mittelmann's

·       OR-Library, by J.E.Beasley

·       NEOS Optimization Server

Societies, Groups, and Organizations:

·   Mathematical Optimization Society

·   The Mathematical Programming Society

·   SIAM




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