Statistical Consulting Services

Our Mission is to provide professional statistical consultation and services to LU undergraduate and graduate students, faculties and researchers, and decision makers in various fields at any stage of their projects.

We offer FREE statistical consulting services to all LU students in

        Advice on the design of experiments.

        Advice on the collection of data.

        Advice on the statistical analysis of data.

        Advice on using statistical software packages.

        Advice on the preparation research reports and interpretation the analysis results.

Drop-in Service

Tuesdays 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

(RB 3008 or 2007)

By appointments

Service Fee applies to the following services:

        Data collecting and management;

        Data analysis using statistical software packages;

        In-depth consultancies on research projects (minimum 1 hour);

        Private tutoring in selected statistics topics (minimum 1 hour);

        Short courses or workshops for small groups.


Hourly Fee

LU students Consulting only (up to 60 min)


Data analysis services for LU students (up to 3 hours)

$50 per hour

LU Clients: consulting

$100 per hour

LU Clients: Data services

$80 per hour

External Clients: consulting

$150 per hour

External Clients: Data services

$100 per hour


1.   Fixed-fee packages can also be negotiated on project basis.

2.   Taxes, when apply, will be added to all fees listed above.


Faculty Consultants:


Dr. Huang, W.

Statistics, Operations Research

Tel/Fax: (807) 343-8798
E-mail: whuang1ATlakeheaduDOTca

On Skype: drwendyhuang


Dr. Li, D.

Probability and Statistics

Tel: (807) 343-8231


Dr. Liu, L.

Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing

Tel: (807) 343-8427


Current Graduate Student Consultant: None.


Former Graduate Students Consultants:

Yiwei Wang (2014)

Fei Wang (2010 2011)

Gaspar Asampana (2007 Fall 2008 Winter)

Manli Yan (2005 Fall)

Dong (Kevin) Liu (2005 Fall)

Zhongxian (Chris) Men (2005 Winter)

Zhongkui (John) Liu (2004 Fall)

Radcliffe Siddo (2004 Winter)

Xiaolan (Lancy) Chang (2004 Winter)


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